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He’s rockin the buck today
Opals in the sun
Lovin my Delong pendy
Buck pendy

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A trip inside the punty
Got a Buck Glass pendy and another piece of krunk to add to the collection from the YOUNGEST of the krunk family !
Beautiful morning

dead-freight said: is that wjc collab bear yours? if so, are you willing to part with it? would keep my other two bears lovely company ;)

Yes he’s mine! & he’s home for good(:

whospilledthebongwater said: Hi lovely:) I was wondering if you knew who the artist of the pink/lavender rig with the bee and honeycomb in it is. It's a gorgeous piece!

Ugh I miss it I just recently sold it :( it’s a BMFT x Joe peters collab :)

Loving the new scoop

Absolutely stunning. So grateful to own this piece made by the master himself. @yoshinorikondo you are such an inspiration 😊 by crowmancrothers