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dicemastaflex asked: Uhm your collection is fantastic. Super jealous of your Joey P milk bottle! Any time I've ever kicked it with BMFT, end up getting considerably too drunk... Hella talented dude though!

Thank you so much! I chilled with joe P last year up at pipe classic,had him dabbin out of my contrabasso lmao super chill dude as well !

sarahsosexy asked: I had a cavalier king charles spaniel too! he died around my birthday from a heart codition. :'( It gets better. I LOVE you blog though. Hope you dont mind the notes and reblogs ^_^

Awwww! You’re so sweet thank you love :) I don’t mind at all, & my names Sara too ! :P

rememberthedr asked: Lol i just realized your from Long island friends/sesh with my friend Billy i saw the reef life piece and the creep. Thats pretty funny

No way! I love bill, sesh with him all the time ! Too funny, small world :)

Got a dope shot of the homies Crippy green Quave

Just hit 2K. Thank you loves :)



My 5 month old niece is headier than you

who the fuck puts a fucking pipe on a baby

It’s not a pipe u idiot it’s a pendant ..
Medicated birthdays !
Chillen at the homies, his collection is epic 🙌
My 5 month old niece is headier than you
A few of my favorite things

ganjadub-deactivated20140413 asked: First off best heady family ever. Second how much was your akm pendant? (:

Thank you kindly:) & I got it from the man himself so no price talk :p